To find the email of an individual we normally need a domain and name e.g. Jack Smith. but now you can upload Jack Smith, Airbnb inc.

Why is this so useful and so popular?
It's a lot easier to get hold of company names rather than domains. Company names are often listed in public datasets that companies themselves might submit. A lot of people have asked for this feature and it has been very popular since we added it.

Can we do this for every company name?
No, we don't have every company name but many good medium / large companies are represented. 

How do I do this?
When you upload a file and it asks you to choose the domain column, simply choose the company name column instead.

Does this cost more?
No, it's the same price and processes it in the same way.

Invalid rows
When we can't find the domain name we'll leave it blank and that's counted as an invalid row. You will therefore see more invalid rows pop up there.

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