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Individually search for emails

If you're reading this then you probably know how this bit works already. You need either just a domain or ideally both a name and domain. 

If you enter in a name and domain then we'll look to find and verify the email of that person. See what we mean by verified email is here.

If you enter in a domain, we'll look for up to 25 emails we have for that domain within our database.

Build a list in bulk.

We have a bulk upload feature. If you have names and websites in a file then upload it.

If you don't then read how to get that file in a unique way that also gives you the perfect subject header:

Use our API if you, or someone you know, can code

You can directly access our verification service and database via the API. Many large lead generation companies using our service prefer this method. They can integrate it directly into their apps or supplement their existing services with ours.

Transfer and send emails via an external tool.

People don't read the first email they get, even when it's relevant, so most people will use a 'follow up' tool to avoid missing out on sales. 

Either export your data to that tool or, if we have an integration with them, sync it directly. See more on sending emails here:

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