What results do I get back? Which one should I upload to my email / crm tool?

You'll get back all your original data as well as both the verified and unverified results. The column most people upload to their tool is number 2 below.

  1. You'll have one column which contains one email selected from either the verified and unverified results (whichever has a result). This is currently titled "most_likely_email"
  2. You'll also have a verified email column containing 1 verified email to make it easy to upload to your email sending tool. ("Most_likely_verified_email")
  3. You'll have an 'all verified' emails column because sometimes a person can have multiple emails. ("verified_emails")
  4. You'll have a column for all the unverified emails. ("unverified_emails")

Finally, there is a column for generic emails although these are often the least used emails.

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