Below we'll show exactly how to:

  1. Get 1000s of emails from Twitter accounts that matter.
  2. Get emails after googling for a job title - a method we came across by chance and it's pure magic.

Get emails of people who want your product from Twitter 

What tool can I use to download twitter followers?
A free Scoutzen account lets you download 1,000 rows of data from any twitter account. 

Which twitter account shall I download from?  
Lets say you sell rental insurance then you'd want to download and get emails of AirBnB followers. Figure out who your customers follow.

How do I then get the emails?
Upload that file to Anymailfinder where you get 20 free credits and can download and see the results to know it works.

Can I get more than 1,000?
You can download up to 1 million rows per account on their paid plans which can mean 1,000s of verified emails.

Do you have a video of this process?
Yes :) Here you go.

Are there any alternatives to Scoutzen?
Try Followerwonk and download 10,000s of those followers into a file.

What shall I email them with once I have their emails?
Email them the perfect subject header e.g. "I saw that you follow AirBnB on Twitter"

Can I google for say 'marketing managers in San Francisco' and get their emails?

Yes you can and it's insanely powerful.

The chrome extension Dux-Soup downloads google search results for any job title which you upload to Anymail finder and get emails.

You just google for it as you normally do and then click the 

After dux-soup has run you can download the file, it includes name, company, job title, linkedin profile link and more.

The simple steps to follow are:

  1. Install their extension
  2. Click the extension button and choose the 'X-ray' option to run your search
  3. Download the results into a csv file and upload that to Anymailfinder. 

Here is a video summary of the process.

You can vary the search by entering e.g. 'marketing manager AirbnB' and just find people at that company. 

Try different variations and it'll open your mind to all that's possible with this.

What do you have when finished?
A file containing lots of people who are listed on Linkedin and for each person you'll have their name, Linkedin profile link, country, industry, job title and more information + the verified email address when we find it.

The free version allows us to download rows of data, though there might be limits we have not yet discovered. The paid version is only $15 per month. Note that Linkedin will limit how many profiles you can view a day, get their premium account for more.

See more on email finders in general and data sources
We give a great overview of email finders and 5 data sources here.

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