How do I get 2000 leads in 1 hour?

Ask yourself ‘Which twitter account are my target customers likely to follow?’.

Example: If you sell rental insurance then AirBnB followers are likely to be interested in insurance for homes they rent.

You can download 50,000 of those followers into a file using and upload that file to Anymail finder to get around 2,000 verified emails.

How about 10,000 leads in a little longer than an hour?

Scoutzen is an alternative to followerwonk which might not have as many options but lets you download a lot more data. You can use to download up to 1 million rows of data and generate potentially 10,000s of verified emails.

Here's a video of how the ScoutZen process works.

Don't know which account they're likely to follow? Then search by keyword

On Followerwonk you can also search by a keyword like 'real estate' and see which results come up. In the download file you get additional information like location and their full description to help you sort them. 

The best part? The perfect subject header.

Email them with the subject header ‘I saw that you follow AirBnB on Twitter’ and it shows you qualified them rather than sent them a random junk email.

Key advice on sending the emails

Send them follow up emails to avoid missing out on 90% of your sales. See why:

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