1. If we can't verify it, you get it for free.

Anymail finder

Nobody wants bounces. We charge a single credit for finding AND verifying an email and if we can't verify it, even if it's real which it often is, we'll give it to you for free. This means that 10,000 Anymail finder credits are worth at least 50% more than 10,000 Hunter credits and that's why we have loyal customers.

Our main method of finding emails is different and minimises bounces because it's direct verification

Our additional 'found on web' and pattern guessed emails that can't be verified, are free.

We don't want to hear back from customers that their emails bounced and they were banned by their email delivery service. We don't like that, neither do they.

Email hunter

Charges you 1 credit for a 'found on web' or pattern guessed email and then asks you to spend 1 more credit in order to verify that email really exists.

This costs you double the number of credits and typically, a 'found on web' email will bounce 25% of the time. Pattern guessed emails will bounce more than 50% of the time.

Sending emails that bounce has got people blocked by their email delivery service.

2. We give you unlimited unverified emails for free

Anymail finder

As long as you have credits, you can get 'found on web' or pattern guessed emails which might be perfectly deliverable but can't be 100% verified for free. 

1000 credits can then easily get you 2,000+ results and you only pay for 1,000. Why can't you verify some? See this.

Email hunter

Does not provide this, they'll charge you for emails even if they're not real.

3. Our credits roll over so you don't lose any

Anymail finder

We allow your credits to roll over, so if you don't use all of them this month, the spare ones are still yours next month. See more here.

Example: If you only used 400 out of 1,000 this month, next month you would have 1,600.

Email hunter

Does not provide this. You'll need to make sure you use all your credits within the same month, or they are lost forever!

4. We get back to you—quickly

Anymail finder

On average, we reply in 3 minutes—including weekends and nights! The only time we don't is when we sleep. During office hours, we reply in seconds. 

Although we are a small team, we spend a great amount of time making sure our customers are happy. This means that if you get in touch with us during office hours you can expect us to be with you within a couple of minutes.

These are our median first response time stats for the last 30 days.

Email hunter

We get it—they are a larger company and don't need customers as much as we do, but the most common complaint we hear from people that contact us is that Email Hunter never gets back to them.

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