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What's the difference between verified and not-verified emails?

How do you find the emails?

We use a variety of methods to find the emails, including looking for them on web pages and sourcing them from different external services. We also validate them with the email server.

Can I buy credits one-off?

The one-off plan would mean that the credits expire after 30 days.

If you subscribe to the monthly plan, all unused credits rollover month after month.

There are occasionally special offers where you buy credits to use over the year on top of the regular plans that have annual options.  You can see these by signing in and clicking on 'upgrade' at the top.

I have a file with 2,000 rows, how much will it cost to find emails?

There are several pricing options.

You can pay for just the credits in the file, or you can buy a one-off plan where the credits expire after 30 days or you can buy a monthly subscription  

If you pay for just the credits in the file it's priced on an arc so we can't tell you the exact amount now but you can upload the file for free to see that figure and all the pricing options.

What should you do with your file? 

Upload the file for free now and the system will see how many verified emails it contains and give you all the pricing options. Choose one then.

How do the credits work?

The basic rule to remember
The basic rule is we ONLY charge a credit for verified results and it does not matter how many results are returned.

When you enter a single search, which results cost a credit and how many?
1 verified email? 1 credit
3 verified emails? 1 credit
25 verified 'found on web emails? 1 credit
1 unverified pattern guessed email? 0 credits
25 unverified 'found on web' emails? 0 credits

Can I upgrade / downgrade or cancel?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time! Changing plan will shift your billing period so you can start using credits right away! If you cancel, you'll be able to continue using your credits until the end of your billing period. Note, if you downgrade your subscription then you will lose your rollovers.

What's your refund policy?

Reach out to us within 14 days of any charge to get a refund proportional to your usage. No questions asked.

Can I upload a file? For free?

You can upload a file for free and the system will tell you how many verified emails that file contains.

Then you can download a sample using your free credits.

This way, you don't need to pay to confirm it all works and once you know it works, see the pricing options on downloading the rest.

What columns do I need in the file I want to upload?

Once you upload the file, it will give you instructions. 

You don't need to remove any of your current data from the file, you just need to minimally have a column with websites or company names.

Ideally you should have person's name or job title and website but it can be person's name and company name.

You can also upload just the website or just the company name. 

Some people have a list of websites in one column and paste CEO into the next column all the way down and upload that.

It can process up to 5,000 an hour.

How long do CSV files take to process?

We aim to process up to 5 thousands rows per hour. Depending on the load from other files it might take longer to process.

What is a “credit” on Anymail finder?

A credit is a verified email. All plans come with unlimited unverified emails, and you will be charged one credit when the email we return is server verified.

If you only enter in a website and it returns 20 verified emails, that still only costs 1 credit.

What is a “verified email”?

Verified emails are emails we have directly validated with the server and that have a very low bounce rate. These are the only emails we charge for, as we are committed to accurate data.

Can I share my account with my team?

Yes! By selecting any of our Team plans, you will get to share your plan with the rest of your team.

How do rollovers work?

On all our plans, if you don't use your credits one particular month, you'll be able to use them for as long as you don't downgrade or unsubscribe.

Can you do higher plans? Greater than 100k?   

We can do higher plans and many are listed on our pricing page or can be seen by logging in and clicking on "Add Credits" at the top and then clicking on 'larger plans'. If the volume is higher than that, then let us know how many credits you need and we'll quote you.

Can you find me leads for... 

Anymail finder finds and verifies emails when you enter in name or job title and a website.

For example, you can enter in: CEO, Airbnb.com

If you can find a list of the right websites, then it's easy to turn that into leads.

Here are some ways to get lists of the right websites:

Why must I add a credit card?

If you are asked to add your card then it's typically done becauseWe ask for verification only. 

We only do this for certain IP ranges or areas that have been flagged or if you're using a VPN.

It does not take money from the account but only blocks a number between 0.01 and 9.99 on your account, similar to a booking reservation system. It's unblocked after 7 days.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by going to your account settings, under billing. There's a cancel button there.

If you can't see one for any reason, it means you've either already cancelled or purchased one-off credits so there won't be any more charges.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account from your account settings. The deletion is triggered it logs you out. You can log back in to stop the deletion. If you don't log back in it will delete the entire account within 2 weeks.

Can I pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription for one month but you won't be able to use your account during that month, it will freeze it. After that month, the subscription automatically renews.

You can do this by going to your billing section, clicking 'cancel' and then choosing the 'pause' option. This will pause your account for 1 month and you get to keep all your rollover credits. It will auto-start after that month.

Why can't you find some emails?

On average we find and verify 1 in 4 or 5 queries and find pattern guessed emails for a couple of the others.

Not every server allows verification and when we can't verify the email we'd try and return a free pattern matched email which has a delivery rate of over 70%.

We're more likely to find an email if you enter in a website rather than a company name. It does work best for medium / large companies.

It's best to upload a file to see a full set of results.

Can I find personal emails?

Sadly no, we can only find business email addresses. We block personal email addresses.

Do one off credits expire?

The one-off plan has credits that expire after 30 days. If you subscribe to the monthly plan, all unused credits rollover month after month so you don't lose any. You can buy yearly credits which means you'd get all your credits up front to use over the year.

Where are your API docs?

You can find the API docs here: https://anymailfinder.com/email-finder-api/docs

What columns / fields do I minimally need to upload a file?

You minimally need a company website or company name. If you upload just the website or company name then you will get back any emails we have for that company, no names. We return a maximum of around 20 emails for each company.

If you upload company name or website and a person's name then you'll get back just that person's email.

You can also upload company name and job title e.g. let's say you have a file with a list of company names in column A. You can add a column B and enter job titles against each row there. For example:
Microsoft | founder
Tesla | founder
Airbnb | CEO

You can also do comma delimited job titles and we'll return the first one we can find e.g.
Microsoft | founder, CEO, marketing director
Tesla | founder, CEO, sales director

Where did my credits go?

If for any reason you can't see your credits then check if you cancelled your subscription or if you purchased one-off credits that expire after 30 days or if you downgraded your subscription.

If you cancelled your subscription then the credits would expire at the end of the billing month.

If you purchased one-off credits then they would expire after 30 days.

If you were on a higher plan and then downgraded then any rollover credits would be removed as, to maintain those credits, you would need to keep the same plan or a higher one.

Why do one-off credits expire?

We can't do forever credits simply because the business costs are monthly and they are heavy. 30% of people change jobs each year so email finding is a constant ongoing activity rather than a one time build of a database. As the developer and server costs come in each month, we need to make sure we can cover those costs.

That's why credits expire and can't be forever.

We have one of the best subscription plans where credits rollover each month so you don't lose any. Most other email finders wipe your credits at the end of each subscription period. e.g. other email finders will give you 1,000 and then wipe them at the end of the month so you start back at 1,000. With us, if you use only 500 this month, next month you get 1,500. That's why it's worth getting a subscription. Alternatively you can buy yearly credits and get all of them up front to use over a year.

Can I get a demo?

We don't currently have a sales team to conduct demos because we have been a self-service organisation for a while and support customers via live chat. All features are available across all plans. If you do have questions regarding volume purchases or features then please let us know via email or live chat and we'll respond to each in turn.

My file upload is not working?

It's likely to be a problem with the file itself.

The most common reasons are

  1. The file format is incorrect (it's not a csv or an xls file). It helps to try and re-save it as a .csv.

  2. It's either too big (greater than 50k rows) or too large a file size (greater than 20mb)

If you are still having problems after checking the file size and also trying to resave it then please drop a copy here and we'll take a look.


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