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How do I export data?
How do I export data?

If you have the option enabled, you can click export in the top right and then choose a date range.

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Simple export

Once you've clicked through to the export page you can choose to export your data for yourself or your entire team. 

You can do an export of data created:
'Since your last export'
'Since this morning'
'Since the beginning of the week'
'Since I started using it'

Export via an integration

The other method would be via the integrations page. For example, we have an integration with an email follow up tool called Once you set up the integration you can, in one click, send new data to that tool without having to export. See more on follow up tools here:

You'll get multiple columns for your emails

We have a combined column and separate columns for verified and unverified emails. Also, some people have multiple emails so we also split those by taking out e.g. 'the most likely verified' email and putting it in a separate column so it's easy to upload to your next tool.

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