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How should I send emails?
How should I send emails?

Use an automatic email follow up tool or miss out on 90% of your sales.

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Don't just send one email, nobody cares.

Even a perfectly worded and relevant email, sent to exactly the right person is often ignored. However, if someone sent you 3 or 4 emails over 2 weeks you'd at least take the time to properly read and understand the email. That's why follow ups work. You'll get a response. 

We missed out on 90% of our sales when we only sent just one email out. It was the arrogance of having a product we thought was perfect for certain people but if they don't read it, they don't know.

Are there tools for this? Yes.

Woodpecker and other email follow up tools let you set up a sequence of emails and once the person has replied, the sequence stops. They also track and measure replies.

This is the sign up link to Woodpecker to give you 30 days and 500 emails for free.

Does it integrate with Anymail finder? Yes.

You need to create a campaign in Woodpecker and set up your email chain. You can then link Woodpecker to Anymail finder by taking your 'api key' from woodpecker's settings > api key and add it to your settings > integration in Anymail finder. 

After that, you can run a search on Anymail finder and once you've found a number of emails, click one button to sync them to Woodpecker.

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