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How do credits work?
How do credits work?

We only charge a credit for a verified result. If you get multiple verified emails for a query, it's still one credit.

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When you put in a name and (or just a) website to get emails you can get many different results. 

The basic rule to remember
The basic rule is we ONLY charge a credit for verified results and it does not matter how many results are returned.

When you enter a single search, which results cost a credit and how many?
1 verified email? 1 credit
3 verified emails? 1 credit
25 verified 'found on web emails? 1 credit
1 unverified pattern guessed email? 0 credits
25 unverified 'found on web' emails? 0 credits

In short, if you enter in a search for jack smith, and Jack has 3 emails and all come back as verified, it's only 1 credit. If you enter in just and we give you 25 verified emails, it's still only one credit. Anything else that comes back as 'unverified' is free. See the types of emails we provide.

We don't charge for duplicates

If you entered in 'john smith,' and then entered in the same query again, you would not be charged another credit. We'd recognise it as a duplicate. 

However, if you then enter in 'smith john,' then that is not considered a duplicate query as we'd have to again check against the server to see if it exists rather than pulling it from your records. It's not an identical query. 

The good thing is that if you upload the same file twice, all the queries would be the same and you won't get charged for it.

What is a verified email?
If you want more information on the sort of emails we return then see 'What is a verified email?'

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