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Can I add team members? How does a team use this?
Can I add team members? How does a team use this?

You can add team members from your settings > team section.

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Who can add or remove team members?

Only the person who initially signed up and invited people can see and make changes to team members. 

How do start to add team members?

Below is the direct link to the team section. You invite team members by entering their email.

How do I remove them?

Once they've been added, an option to remove them will also exist in your team section.

How do credits work with team members?

You share the same pool of credits.

Are all our searches in the same screen? 

No, each team member will only see their own searches.

How do I export all my team members searches?

In the export section you will have the option to download just your searches or your entire team's searches.

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