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How do I bulk upload data?
How do I bulk upload data?

You can upload a csv file and it must minimally contain a column with websites listed.

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What format does the file need to be in?

A csv file. You can save any excel file to a csv by doing file > save as.

What columns are required?

Minimally a column containing the website. This will return all emails we have for that website. If you have both name and website columns then we'll look for the email of that particular person.

Is there a specific order the columns need to be in?

You can have it in whichever order you want.

Do I need to separate first and last name?

No, you can choose to have it either in separate columns or in the same columns. You get to choose after you upload your file.

How big can it be? 

50,000 rows is the maximum.

Can I upload other data with it? Will that be in the results file?

Yes, you can have many other columns of data and when the file is processed, you'll get all that data back.

What results do I get back? Which one should I upload to my email / crm tool?

You'll get back all your original data as well as both the verified and unverified results. The column most people upload to their tool is number 2 below.

  1. You'll have one column named 'email' which contains a mix of verified and free pattern guessed emails.

  2. You'll also have a 'verified email only' column containing 1 verified email to make it easy to upload to your email sending tool.

  3. You'll have an 'alternative emails' column because sometimes a person can have multiple emails.

  4. You'll have an 'email type' column that contains a type 'verified' or 'not verified' which helps you understand which emails within the 'email' row are verified or otherwise.

What happens if I accidentally upload the same file twice?

You won't get charged twice, we don't charge for duplicates. Click here for more information on how we deal with them.

I can't think where to get names and domains to bulk upload!

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