What are the simple steps to finding an email address?

Go to Anymailfinder.com and enter in the name and domain and it will find and verify the email.

If you only have the domain name then enter that into Anymail Finder and it will return whichever emails it has for that domain.

Find an email address if you only have a company name

Many public databases might only show you the company name and not the domain but fear not, Anymail Finder can convert some of those company names into domains and then find the emails.

Simply upload the list or even enter them one by one and see which are converted and which emails it then finds.

Find the real email address if you only have a best guess

Anymail Finder also produces pattern guessed emails when a server blocks verification of emails.

Enter in the website and see which pattern guessed emails we have. Use the pattern to guess the email of the person you wish to reach.

The pattern for some domains is 99% the same. Goldman Sachs emails are almost always firstname.lastname@gs.com. If you know the name of someone at Goldman’s, you can guess their email easily.

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