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Which plan is best for me? What do most others buy?
Which plan is best for me? What do most others buy?

We're going to let Marty, Sally and Larry explain which Anymail Finder plan is best for you.

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We get a range of characters using Anymail Finder to find emails and you might be any one of them, depending on what you're using the service for.

One-month Marty

One-month Marty buys the one-off month plan and typically buys 5,000 credits because he has a file to upload. Then he disappears.

He might turn up again that month to buy again or we might not see him for 3 months.
Marty is getting emails for his sales process to make quota or for marketing to gradually grow his business.

Monthly Subscription Sally

Sally takes up the 200 credits or 1,000 credits per month plan for her and her team. 

Her team needs to be able to find emails regularly and while she may not use up all 1,000 in the month, she knows the credits roll over and gets value from the service.

Sally only occasionally uploads a file but mostly it's finding emails individually on the fly for content marketing or sales. 

Long term Larry

Larry buys the annual plan because he knows he'll get all the credits up front and it's a bit like buying credits with a 12 month expiry date. 

There are 2 main types of Larry. 

There's biz dev Larry who needs to find occasional emails and has bought the 200 credit annual plan and so received 2,400 credits to use as he wants over the year. 

There's large file Larry who wants the discount we give of 2 free months and also wants the freedom of using up the credits over the year because he runs a growing startup. He might buy 240,000 credits but he knows he has 12 month to use them.

We only count real emails.

Across all plans only the verified emails that are 97%+ deliverable cost a credit.

Anything we can't verify, you get for free. Why? 

We don't like complaints, you don't like complaining so even though pattern guessed emails are 70%+ deliverable, they're still free. 

On a typical plan you'll get as many free pattern guessed emails returned as you will verified emails. You're effectively getting double compared to other email services.

What's unique about Anymail finder that you can take advantage of?

  1. Only emails that are 100% verified cost a credit so you know they will work.

  2. All emails that can’t be 100% verified are FREE even though they have an average delivery of 70%

  3. You can, for FREE see how many verified emails are in your file by uploading it even if it had 50,000 rows. (see how to get one here)

  4. Don’t worry about duplicates EVER. We don't charge for them. You can upload the same file and it won't cost anything.

  5. You can add UNLIMITED team members on any account.

  6. If you only wanted to use us once because you have one file to upload, you can upload, see how many emails it will contain and then choose to pay for it and leave.

  7. If you only wanted to use us for one month, you can choose the ‘one-off’ for one month option and never worry about cancelling subscriptions. 

  8. If you do subscribe to a monthly plan, all your credits ROLLOVER so you don’t lose any.

  9. If you want to pay once and use your credits over 12 months then buy an annual plan and get all your credits up front.

  10. Out of 1,000s of support requests we've got back to 99% of people on the same day and within minutes or hours. We're London based so we do sleep and requests made at 1am are tough but when we're up, we're answering 7 days a week. Saturday is our slowest day to respond because 'life' and all that but we'll still get back to you.

If you read the above but don't think you have a file to upload then read this: How to find emails for people in any industry.

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