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Why is Anymail finder the best email finder?
Why is Anymail finder the best email finder?

Here are 10 unique features that combined give Anymail finder loyal customers who love the product and make us the best email finder.

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Anymail finder has processed emails for over 34,000 companies. 

We have loyal repeat customers because of the 10 unique features below:

1. Find out how many emails are in a file for free

You can, for FREE without using any of your existing credits see how many verified emails are in any file containing names and websites by uploading it. (see how to get files to turn into verified emails here)

2. Only verified emails cost a credit

Only emails that are 100% verified cost a credit so you know they will work. We check directly against the server to see if an email is real. 

3. All pattern matched and scraped emails are FREE

All emails that can’t be 100% verified are free even though they have an average delivery of 70%. Pattern matched emails are where we use existing emails to figure out the email for any name at that company. Scraped emails are those we found on the web.

4. Powerful chrome extension to search on Linkedin

You can search for emails directly on Linkedin either one by one or use the automated bulk search tool where you can search for e.g. "HR manager" and it will go through multiple pages to find emails of lots of HR managers. Get the extension here.

5. The magical org chart generator

Anymail finder uniquely has an org chart builder which shows all the decision makers in the all departments of a company. Here is the direct link:

6. You're not charged for duplicates

Don’t worry about duplicates EVER. We don't charge for them. You can upload the same file and it won't cost anything.

7. Add unlimited team members

You can add UNLIMITED team members on any account. Once you've signed up, go to your account settings and invite them all.

8. Credits rollover if you subscribe so you never lose any

If you do subscribe to a monthly plan, all your credits ROLLOVER so you don’t lose any. If you only used 100 of 200 this month then next month you'd have 300 in total. 

9. Get credits to use any time you want over 12 months

If you want to pay once and use your credits over 12 months then buy an annual plan and get all your credits up front. This is perfect for those who don't want to rush.

10. We reply to you the same day

Out of 1,000s of support requests we've got back to 99% of people on the same day and within minutes or hours. We're London based so we do sleep and requests made at 1am are tough but when we're up, we're answering 7 days a week. Saturday is our slowest day to respond because 'life' and all that but we'll still get back to you.

We can't think of a single email finder tool that offers this combination of features. We hope you make the most of it. 

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