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I couldn't find an email. Why is that?
I couldn't find an email. Why is that?

We don't find a verified email for every query as not every server allows verification.

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Verified emails
Anymail finder only charges a credit for verified emails. It gives pattern matched emails away for free. 

Around 1 in 4 or 5 servers allows verification. This means we can't return a verified email for every single query.  When we can't we look to give you a pattern matched email.

Pattern matched emails
When we can't find a verified email, we look through our database to see if we have any scraped emails for that website. If we do, we look to see if there is a pattern e.g. are they all

If 70% or more of the emails fit a pattern then we return that to you. 

If we don't see a strong pattern, we don't return that email and we say 'not found'

When we do a return a pattern matched email, you can verify it using other extensions out there like They allow you to enter an email and then they search for a social profile. If they find it, that means the email is real.

Company names
If you only entered a company name then we need to first convert it into a domain and then go find the email. 

We can only do that for the slightly larger companies. If you enter in 'london orthodontist' because that's their company name then that's very hard to convert into a domain. 

How many emails can I expect to get if I upload 1,000 rows?
If you uploaded 1,000 names with websites then typically we would return 200 to 250 verified emails and around 200+ pattern matched emails.

It depends on the quality of the data. Are the domains still active? Do they have a mail server set up? Some small companies don't. 

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