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Using the API on Postman
Using the API on Postman

Here's how to use the API on Postman

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Once you’ve signed up to Anymail finder you’ll get free credits to run tests with. Go to Account > API to get your API key.

Download Getpostman

Download to test out the API and ‘Get Started’ on your first API call.

Use this end-point for finding emails at a domain:

Use this this endpoint for finding the email of an individual at a domain:

What do you enter into Getpostman?

  1. Set it to be a POST request!

  2. In headers enter x-api-key into the key box, add the Anymail finder API key into the value box.

  3. Click body to enter in the word domain into the B field and then the website you want emails for as the value.

That’s it.

Change the endpoint to person.json and enter in the name as well to get emails for a specific individual.

If you have any questions ping us on our chat box.

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