What are you looking for?

“I want a list of companies who use shopify and the email of someone there”

“I need email addresses of HR managers in New York”

“We make training videos for startups and need emails of co-founders in funded companies”

Below we'll show you an example of how to find emails of companies who use Shopify but you can see a full list of how to find anyone using all the methods shown on this ultimate list here.

1. Go to publicwww.com and search for a technology like "Shopify" or "Paypal" or a keyword like "Co-browsing"

2. Publicwww finds all the websites that use that technology. Download those sites by clicking "CSV" in the top right.

3. Upload that CSV file to Anymail file uploader

4. Anymail finder will find emails for those sites. Download the file when it has finished processing. 

Once you hit process, let it run and hover over the bar to see the number of emails it contains. Download a sample using your free credits.

What do the results mean? What are those green verified emails?

The best way to understand verified emails is to read this this rapid fire overview. 

What else can I search for?

Selling to e-commerce stores?
Search for Shopify

Selling to people using Stripe?
Search for Stripe

Selling to people who use Intercom live chat?

Search for Intercom

What other tools like Publicwww are there?

Check out Dux-soup which is covered here.

See a big giant list of tools and methods here.

The basics of how Anymail finder works

What are verified emails?

You give us a name and domain and we ping the server to confirm that the email exists. 

If the mail server confirms it exists, the chances of delivery are 97%+.

Why are pattern matched emails free?

So we don't argue. 

As many servers don't allow verification, we give our best guess.

If 70% of the emails for a company are in the format firstname.lastname@company.com then we know the guess is pretty good.

These emails are free.

Ideally have both the name and domain 

The system works best if you have name and domain. We then look for the email of that one person.

If you only have the domain, we return as many emails as we can for that company. 

If you only have the company name then we need to convert it into a domain first and we can't always do that.

Good luck. Have fun!

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