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Why does Anymail finder only charge for verified emails? So we never argue.
Why does Anymail finder only charge for verified emails? So we never argue.

There is a good reason that we only charge for emails that are 97%+ deliverable and give the rest for free. So we don't argue. Ever.

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So we never argue

If we only charge a credit for emails that actually work, we won't argue.

You won't get bounces. 

You won't complain.

We won't argue. 

Arguments cost money and energy. 

Nobody likes them. Let's not have any. 

How good are those verified emails?

They are 97%+ deliverable because we directly ping the server to confirm they exist.

Why can't you verify all emails? Only 1 in 4 or 5 email servers allows verification. 

How are good are those free not-verified emails? 

When a server does not allow verification, we try and return not-verified emails.

They are deliverable 70%+ of the time. 

How do you know?

We decided to be strict with these emails, even though they are free. We could have returned a guess for every query but that sucks.

These free emails are either scraped directly from the website or pattern matched and using a strict pattern formula so we know that it should be around 70%+ deliverable.

So does this mean Anymail finder is better than other email finders? 

Anymail finder has loyal customers because they know what they'll get. If we say this plan will give you 1,000 emails then you will get 1,000 real verified emails that work and an equal or greater number of free not-verified emails.

We know that if we keep it simple and honest then will we have good relations with customers and rather than having to support complaints, we focus on the product.



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