We don't want angry customers.

We want everyone to feel zen like peace.

To feel zen, we only charge for server verified emails. Oh yes. 

Those GREEN server verified emails are real because they're checked against the email server in real time. 

That's why they are deliverable 97%+ of the time.


Only 1 in 4 email servers allows verification of emails.

So for the rest, we provide found but not-verified emails. These are free.

Found but not-verified emails are deliverable 70% of the time.

Not verified emails are either scraped from the website directly... 

...or they are guessed from a pattern (only strong guesses count) 

As you can see, we work differently from other competitors

The money matters but the arguments are not worth the money.

I hope this helps you understand why we built the system this way.

We learned the value of verified emails by doing email marketing.

1,000 credits on Anymail finder means 1,000 real emails.

You also get 1,000s of not-verified for free. 

It's why people buy from Anymail finder year after year.  



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