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The Anymail email finder extension for Linkedin and the web
The Anymail email finder extension for Linkedin and the web

You can use the Anymail finder extension to build a lead list on Linkedin and capture emails across the web.

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Let's say you need to provide your sales team with 100 leads in the next 5 minutes and they asked for email addresses for only CEOs. Here's how you'd use the Anymail finder chrome extension to search on Linkedin for CEOs.

2. Open up Linkedin and search for "CEO"

3. Choose the number of pages you'd like to search for e.g. 10

4. Hit START.

Search for all CEOs

That's it. The extension will automatically search across those page, collect emails and in 5 minutes you've got your initial lead list.

Search for an individual's email

Search for emails of group members

Groups can have 10,000s of members and you're now able to run a search and get emails all in one go using the chrome extension.

Search for emails on any website on the internet

It also works across the web. You can go to any website and click the extension button to start a search for everyone at that company or search by name or job title.

Get started by adding the extension: Add the chrome extension and run a search.

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