The Anymail finder 'magic' Google spreadsheet solves one of the most difficult problems we all have, finding people and their emails by job title.

Enter in a job title, paste a list of domains and it will find the people and their emails at those domains.

What to expect?
You can expect to paste a list of domains and enter in some job titles. You'll get back a list of people with those job titles at those domains. 

Anymail finder will find emails for some of those people.

It won't find emails for every one of them. It'll be more in line with the standard Anymail finder returns.

The job titles can't always be precise. If you enter in president, it will on sometimes find vice president.

Is there a video of the sheet in action?
This video covers how the sheet works, how to set it up and where to get data to feed into the sheet:

What does the sheet do for you?
Use the sheet to find people's names and emails by job title at any website you enter.

The biggest pain is having a big list of websites and going through Linkedin one by one to find the CEO or sales manager and then their email. This sheet now means you just paste in the list of websites. That's it.

With the sheet you can:

1. Enter in several job titles like founder, account manager, sales.

2. Paste in a list of domains (it processes between 50 to 100 at a time and takes up to 5 minutes to process that number).

3. The sheet will find a person with that job title, at that company and return their name, email and full job title.

How much does it cost to get the sheet?
The sheet is an add-on that costs $99 per year and comes with 1,000 credits to start with. It then charges a credit for data and a credit for verified emails.

With that $99 you also get 1,000 regular Anymail finder credits to use with the sheet. If you want to buy more credits, you can do it the normal way through the Anymailfinder website. Those credits work with this sheet.

The sheet also charges 1 credit per data row. See more on that below.

How many credits will the sheet charge?
The sheet will charge 1 credit per row of data and 1 credit per verified email within that row.

For example, if you entered in sales manager and the domain then the sheet might return the following result:

 'Joe Smith,, sales manager,, verified email'

This would cost 2 credits. 

If you again chose the 'sales manager' job title and pasted in 50 domains, lets say it found all 50 people's names + their verified emails, it would be 100 credits.

Why is it not free?
Well, we'd like it to be but we're working with a 3rd party data provider, they need to be paid, this was the best way to get it moving.

I also get 1,000 credits included? How long do those 1,000 credits last for?
The 1,000 credits will have a 1 year expiry date. You can use them any time over the course of a year.

Give me an example of using it and how it uses the credits
Let's say you want to contact sales managers and co-founders at a list of 200 websites. 

You paste in the list of websites into the sheet and enter in 'sales manager, co-founder' in the config tab.

You also choose whether you want it to find just those 2 job titles or, if they don't exist at that company, find any other title.

If the sheet finds both the sales managers and co-founders at all those websites as well as their 'verified' email, the total cost is 400 credits. 1 credit for the person. 1 credit for the email.

As usual, unverified emails are free.

Where can I get a list of websites?
Thankfully, that's quite simple these days. See the publicwww.comand references in our big giant list of email finding methods here:

How good is the data?
We've run extensive checks and it's minimally up to date with records on Linkedin. The data appears to be very up to date.

How much data can it process?
Google sheets allows you to run an automatic script for up to 5 minutes. Within 5 minutes the sheet will process around 50 rows and then will need to be triggered again. 

For example, you could paste in 200 domains. It will process 50, then you'd need to click the button again and it will process the next 50. Right now we can't go around this Google Sheets limit. 

What if I'm already on a subscription, do I need to pay?
You will need to pay the one-off charge of $99 for the year and you'll get 1,000 credits added to our account to use any time over the year even if you cancelled your subscription.

Do I get to keep the sheet even after I cancel my subscription?
Yes, once you've paid the initial $99 charge for the year, it's yours for a full year. You can unsubscribe and resubscribe or use one-off credits as normal and still use the sheet. Whatever you prefer.

Further questions?
As usual, ping is on our messaging system (the chat box in the bottom right)

How do I get started with the sheet?

Read this to purchase and get a copy of the sheet:

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