A. Purchase the sheet to enable it.

If you're already purchased the sheet then 1,000 credits have been added to your account and you can skip to section B in this article.

If you have not purchased and are an existing Anymail finder user then click here: https://anymailfinder.com/purchase/sheet

If you are not an existing Anymail finder user and want the sheet then create your Anymail finder account and return to this article afterwards.

B. Get a copy of the sheet

Click the link below to get your own copy of the sheet:


C. Now you've got the sheet, it's time to set it up.

There are four steps:

  1. Enter your Anymail finder API key
  2. Select a job title
  3. Paste in your list of domains. 
  4. Click a button to start it.

We have the full instructions below but you can watch this video to get an overview of setting up the sheet and how best to use it.

1. Enter your API key into the sheet

Logged into Anymailfinder? Ok, get your Anymail finder API key from your account settings on Anymailfinder.com.

Enter the API key into the 'config tab' of the Google sheet.

2. Enter in your job title(s). 

In the above image you can see a field that says 'job title(s)'. Enter 1 or more comma separated job titles here. If we can't find the first one, we'll look for the next one. 

Let's say you wanted emails of CEOs but were also happy with emails of sales managers, you'd enter: CEO, sales manager.

3. Paste in your list of websites

Paste your list of websites into the left hand domain column on the 'Anymail finder' tab of the sheet. 

4. Then press the [Anymail finder] button at the top to begin the search. 

It'll ask you whether you want to find emails as you can choose to get data only, if you wish.

It will process around 50 rows of data at a time.

The limit is 50 per 5 minutes so it will stop after 50 and then you can click again.
Google sheets will stop processing after approximately 50 rows of data and you'll then need to hit the button again to continue processing. We cannot currently bypass this as there is a strict 5 minute limit built in by Google.

For a full FAQ on the sheet, please click here.

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